The Most Beautiful Photography Blogs I’ve come across

Their pictures are beautiful
Each picture speaks a zillion words
Touches your soul
And takes your breath away!

Purple Ganesh
Purple Ganesh Photography
BY Ganesh Ramachandran

Dana Saviuc’s Photography
BY Dana Savuic

Digital Photography School
BY Darren Rowse

BY Kristie Heins

JeezoPeezo Photography
BY JeezoPeezo

Pixel Candy
BY Thomas Bonin

BY Frank Boenigk

Here and Now
BY Cyril Bays

Daily Dose of Imagery
BY Sam Javanrouh

Moments like This
BY Uwe Eischens

These Fleeting Moments
BY Jason Ertel

Daily Walks
BY Diane Varner

BY David and Libby Nightingale

The Indian Social Media Blogs I Follow…

I’ve been in the blogosphere for several years now. However, I’ve not really followed the Indian Social Media blogs till a few months back. And today as I look back, a few Indian Social Media blogs stand out and have become my personal favorites:

In this blog, I have listed the Indian Social Media Blogs I LOVE to read:

BlogWorks @
BY Rajesh Lalwani

Digital Inspiration @
BY Amit Aggarwal – Awesomeness @
BY A K Karthick

LightHouse Insights @
BY Prasant and Vinaya

Social Samosa @
BY Aditya and Ankita Gaba

Conversations on Conversations @
BY Mayank Dhingra

Nischala’s Space, Thoughts and Expressions @ [Yes! That’s me and my blog.. which is really this BLOG! :)]
BY Nischala Murthy Kaushik

BuzzFactory @
BY Neil Sequeira

What are your favorite Indian Social Media blogs? Leave a comment to let me know…

The Mommy Blogs I LOVE to read!

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I’m dedicating a post to all the Mommy blogs I love to read. And I know that there are zillions of them in the blogosphere.. But these are personal favorites..

These mommies write regularly
These mommies write from the heart
There mommies touch your heart!
And every time I visit their blogs
I learn, laugh, feel like someone understands me or come back wiser!

Listing them below in random order:

First Steps by Sree

Empty House, Full Mind by Sharon Greenthal

My Little World by Kalpana

Because I said So by Dawn Meehan by Heather Armstrong

ParentHacks by Asha Dornfest

Motherlode by KJ Dell’Antonia

Wired Momma by Monice Sakala

What’s your favorite Mommy blog? Leave a comment to let me know…