Enterprise BPM by Charles Bennett (Part 2)

• Only 1% of global organizations are looking at business process from the “right process perspective”
• 17 out of the top 20 organizations are really looking at processes from the customer perspective – Examples are South West Airlines, BestBuy, Apple, Zara, etc.
• Zara customer experience is the process : Takes 1/40th of industry average from start to finish for producing a piece of garment
• In most organizations, 25 – 50% of costs are redundant (non-contributory)
• For 1 bad reference in a customer forum, you need at least 10 good references to neutralize / negate the impact
• In 2011, 70% of BPM projects have not achieved the results they wanted to and have failed

• Processes are the DNA of any organization
• First step in gaining control of business is to know and understand business processes
• An optimized process has minimum points of failure (POF)
• Customer centric BPM solutions aim to focus on cost model, service model and revenue model
• Truly customer centric processes focus on identifying and servicing customers based on successful customer outcomes (SCO).  End goal of any process should be to deliver “Successful Customer Outcomes” (SCO)
• Prosumer – Educated customer who is knowledgeable than the provider itself
• For definition and execution of an optimized process, following are important:
o Process Diagnostics
 Identify Moment of Truth (Customer Touch-points)
 Identify break points (Internal system hand-offs) – As a general guideline, for every Moment of Truth there are 4 break points in any system
 Identify business rules (Decision Points)
o Risk Assessment & Prioritization based on
 Impact to customer – High, Medium, Low
 Impact to organization – High, Medium, Low
o Action Plan
• Process Goals should be SMART (Successful, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound)
• Any customer Moment of Truth has the potential to be:
o Magic (Positive)
o Misery (Negative)
o Indifferent
• Points of Failure = Sq.(Moment of Truth – 1) + Break Points
• Steve Towers Blog (Founder & CEO of BPGroup) @ http://successfuloutcomes.blogspot.com


Enterprise BPM by Charles Bennett (Part 1)

I had the opportunity to attend the Enterprise BPM Worskhop By Charles Bennett from BPGroup  (http://www.bpgroup.org/). Event Details @ (http://www.icmgworld.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=645&idcategory=37#details)

Focus of the workshop was on process management, process improvement, process alignment and innovation. The application of how process diagnostics (Customer Moment of Truths, Break points and Business rules) can be leveraged to deliver Successful Customer Outcomes (SCO) was discussed along with case studies and industry examples.

In this 3 part series, I will write about

1) BPM Related Data and Points of Note 

2) Trivia shared during the Session

Below is a picture of Charles & Me at the workshop…