What is the most IMPORTANT QUESTION?

We’ve all learnt way back in primary school that asking the right questions is important to elicit holistic understanding on any subject.. The key questions one typically asks are:
• What?
• How?
• When?
• Where?
• By Whom?
• Why?

I’ve often wondered which is the most important question? And honestly, my response has varied over the years..
Initially, I thought the most important question is WHAT? – “Discovering what something is?” was exciting and it helped me understand the world around me better..

Then, I thought the most important question is HOW? – “Discovering how anything works?” was like solving a mystery and when you figure the answers you feel thrilled about your learning

And then I thought the most important question is BY WHOM? – “Discovering who makes decisions, does things.. makes the world go round”.. and it again helped me understand the importance of people in the little day-to-day things of life, and of course in the larger aspects of the universe..

As I grow older and wiser, I now think the most important question is the BIG WHY? “Why do people behave the way they do?”, “Why are we born?”, “Why does the sun rise everyday?”, “Why does a baby feel happy to cuddle with her / his mother?”, “Why has FaceBoook become such a phenomenon?”, “Why does one lose track of time of Twitter?”, “Why do people love to play Angry Birds?”, “Why do the most serious people cry at the movies?”, “Why do people fall in love?”, “Why do we love to go to mummy’s home always?”, “Why is mummy’s food always the very BEST?”, “Why does time seem to stand still when you want something real quick?”.. – These are the questions which keep me awake at night..
And hence today, I believe the most important question is WHY?
And that many change 5 years from now.. But for now.. this is what it is!

In your view, what is the most important QUESTION? Leave a comment to let me know..