Women At Work

Women At work(3)

If you’ve ever read or followed my blogs, you’ll know that Women at Work is a topic very close to my heart.

One, I’m a woman

Two, I’ve been in the corporate world for about 14 years now – years which took me across the world through a range of exciting, diverse and satisfying career experiences and also have been defining personally – especially with the 3M’s : Marriage (once) and Motherhood (twice). I have been fortunate to experience in my career (up close and personal) the great, good, bad & ugly; and I survived.. I’ve also been a part of the industry highs and lows including the IT boom and recession, the financial crash, M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) and multiple organization re-structuring ; and all these experiences have given me a holistic understanding of work and life

Three, I see young women around me at various stages and phases of their career journey. While I see passion, hope and commitment in their eyes and dreams in their heart, I also hear so many questions on the How? When? Where? Questions which plagued me in the past, are knocking their door-step today. I believe I might have some answers and perspective based on my experiences

Four, I really believe that the time is right to bring to the fore-front conversations around women at the workplace. Only when you start talking do the problems get highlighted, and solutions can be arrived at. There is only so much progress which can be made by ignoring issues or keeping them under cover.

Five, I also believe in the ‘power of words’ and that words can make a difference. If my words can enable, inspire or empower some women some where to make an informed choice and take charge of her career and life, that’s one step ahead for a better tomorrow (and add to my good karma 🙂

In this sections, I’ll share

  • Actionable Tips which can assist in navigating your careerpath
  • Insights from real-life experiences
  • Tips, Tricks, Best Practices, Do’s and Don’t to handle all that comes your way

For ease of navigation, I’ve logically grouped the posts into specific categories:

Starting your career as a woman

Why women should work? – Here are 30 good reasons

50 Things I wish I’d truly understood (as a WOMAN) when I started my corporate career

Message to young graduates joining the workforce

New to the IT workforce? Here’s what counts

Women at work : Handling this, that and the other

What is the most important career choice a woman makes?

Do we need a ‘Lean In’ movement in India?

“Working Women” Integrated Housing Townships | A possible solution to the woes of working women in India?

 The Forbes India 30 Under 30 List: 20% Women. Good, Great or What?

How to handle workplace bullying?

Working Mothers : A whole new chapter of career and life

Why is it so hard for working mothers in India?

Working mothers career continuum : Focus, Flex, Flow

Defining work life balance

Working Mom v/s Stay At Home Mom

Getting back to work after maternity leave

Working Mothers : Is there a magic mantra?

Letting go of perfection

Is writing emerging to be a serious career option for the Indian mother?

Success at the workplace

What working women can learn about productivity from ants?

Mentors for working women : Essential, but do they exist?

Girl, do you know what’s in the news?

Love Thyself? Learn something new.

 Are you clear on your priorities?

Learning to say NO

 7D Ladder to achieve your goals

Asking for help. Are you an A+ or D-

Be cognizant of Return on Time Invested

Power of only women social networks

5 Distinguishing Traits of a prosperous woman

Inspiration and Motivation to take you through the good, bad and ugly

Will you let “HER” fly?

My Secret Wishlist for my girls

I Believe in you, do you?

Why do women stop investing in friendships?

Who is a woman’s best friend?

Questions to ask and answer yourself every once in a way

8 pearls of wisdom from my mother

If you’re looking for any thing specific, leave a comment to let me know

NOTE: I also write regular columns on issues of women at the workplace on WomensWeb and SheroesIndia


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