Take-away’s for Shakti – ~2 months down the line..

For Women’s Day this year (Mar 2016), I was invited to attend the event Shakti which was presented by National Commission of Women in collaboration with YourStory. Its been a while, but I came across some great notes I’d made at the event, so thought I should share it here on the blog for anyone who’d be interested.

* No limits to what you can do (as a woman) – Starts with a belief system in the mind

* Don’t feel you cannot do anything – Just do it

* Nobody is perfect – Learn to accept your imperfections

* Women have several born entrepreneurial skills ; Learn to use and hone them

* Make haste slowy

* Never argue with – Doctor, Lawyer, Finance person, Auditor and Spouse

* Important to engage with women in an economic way

* We are moving towards a Women based economy ; As of date no real calculation of GDP to women’s contribution

* As women, learn to stand-up and speak-up for yourself

* Women are used to work hard , now work hard as a profit

* As a woman, make yourself aware of government programs / any policies / laws that affect you –

* Don’t give up at the first sign of problems

* One of the best session was from Mohini of Ruosh . She presented a Listicle for startups. It was awesome, so I am summaring key points here:

1) India has a population of 1.27 billion (17.5% of world population).

50% are less than 25 years of age

65% under 35 years of age

By 2020, average age in India is 29 years, China 38 years, Japan 49 years

72% of India is rural India

Ample opportunities to solve problems for such a complex demographics- From basics to more advanced stuff, identify what problem will you solve;

As a founder, look for a systemic solution which is replicable, and which will Make money

2) Identify your consumer well and operate in his / her environment. Consumer values what you give in his context

3) Don’t stop if you are not the first one; look at what you can do differently / uniquely. Create a business where the customer comes back to you (high repeat rate)

4) Create that business plan – Be judicious on where you spend time, energy and resources ; You should get something in return – even if it is emotional benefits

5) The team is most important – Select the right people – and compensate disproportionately. Initial phases of growth you need Heart and Head – Believers and Doers ; Key is to take-off the run-way ; Compensate in time, areas of work

6) Ensure you communicate regularly with your team

7) Fail fast – Fail very fast; if possible in the first year – not after 3 years. Do rapid prototyping and adapt

8) Set performance metrics; not vanity metrics

9) Speed is very important – in execution

10) Continuously scan and track market indicators – industry, global and competitor. Invest some % of time in what is happening around you

11) It is a Lonely journey – so work hard, do your home-work and have realistic demands from yourself. Give yourself some down-time to re-energize

12) Exit parameters have to be very clear from a business perspective

13) You never know enough – stay humble and be grateful on your journey



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